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Enter a new world of Rigging and Rope Rescue Training

Leverage your Learning!

Leverage your rope skills by learning a variety of different rigging disciplines.

Experience a broader cross-pollination of rope access disciplines. Partner in exploration resulting in creative solutions.
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Enter a new world of Rigging and Rope Rescue Training
  • Explore Creative Rigging Solutions

    Awaken your inquisitive nature to push the limits. Practice innovative & smooth rope rigging techniques.

  • Bridge the Gap Between Effectiveness & Efficiency

    Become a trusted advisor & competently lead any professional rigging team to save the day.

  • Tactics & Strategies that Actually Work

    Move beyond theoretical knowledge to implement systems that effectively get the job done safely.

Firefighter with the Loudoun County, VA Fire Rescue department

Jason Ilowite

Firefighter with the Loudoun County, VA Fire Rescue department

"Rigging Lab Academy offers the ability to discuss new ideas and seek out new training... Allowing for exposure to different concepts that is beneficial to an entire team’s progress.”
Neal H.

Neal H.

"This material constantly keeps me learning."
Christian A.

Christian A.

"For all tower workers, it's necessary to know as much as you can about tower rescue, how to plan the rescue, knowledge about ascending the tower, etc., for the different jobs we have to execute. These courses cover it all."
Brice B.

Brice B.

"You guys are very important to the rescue respondesr. Thanks again!"
Patrick W.

Patrick W.

"Informative, up to date text with easy to use web pages, too. Good stuff."
Steve M.

Steve M.

"Anyone who's associated with a search and rescue or technical rescue team should review this... Just the right amount of information to jog away the cobwebs for those who do not sue this equipment all the time. Very worthwhile!"
Stephen L.

Stephen L.

"Thanks for talking clearly and going over all the details!"
Neal H.

Neal H.

"The training was very informative and user-friendly. I learned a lot. Being a Rescue Captain, I'm very glad I purchased your training."

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Our online training hub is ideal for professional rigging teams. We're able to accomodate groups of two and larger at a fraction of a regular membership cost.
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Whether you're an individual interested in boosting your skills, want to meet other like-minded indivudals, or manage a team that needs to build a solid foundation of skills, we have courses to help you get there

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