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The use of elevated anchors or Artificial High Directionals (AHDs) is a mandatory requirement of NFPA 1670 for rope technicians. Do you know how to successfully — and confidently — use this invaluable piece of equipment?

As with all anchor systems, we must have a complete working knowledge of force vector analysis and resultant management. Gin Poles with Tom Wood & Vertical Rescue Solutions was specifically designed around building a Monopod or Gin Pole and incorporates the necessary guying systems and separate anchor points needed to deploy this bomber anchor system. Elevated anchors are designed specifically for edge management or lessening edge trauma. The product referenced in this course is the TerrAdaptor from PMI-SMC.

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  • Tom Wood

    Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Training Manager for PMI's Vertical Rescue Solutions

    Tom Wood

    Tom is the Training Manager for Vertical Rescue Solutions by PMI®. An 11-year veteran of the Alpine Rescue Team in Evergreen, Colorado, he has served as the team’s New Member Director, Equipment Director and ATV Director.During the Columbia Shuttle Recovery Effort in 2003, he served as a division SAR superintendant. Tom is a Level II Avalanche Technician and HeloTech II. He is also a certified tower climber, SPRAT Level 2 certified and an IRATA certified Rope Access Technician. A past presenter for the Mountain Rescue Association, National Association of Search and Rescue, International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) and the Colorado Search and Rescue Board, Tom is also certified in CPR for the Healthcare Provider and First Responder.Tom comes from a commercial and residential construction background, and he learned firsthand the importance of jobsite safety and compliance while serving as the safety manager for two different roofing companies. A 1990 graduate of Kent State University’s Photojournalism program, Tom served as a Combat Photographer for the United States Marine Corps Reserves for six years. He is a freelance writer on the side, who has authored a memoir, Trading Steel for Stone, and contributed to several rescue and industrial safety books and publications. His extracurricular activities include mountaineering, writing, ice climbing, rock climbing, caving and trail running. He lives in Conifer, Colorado with his wife and three children.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Welcome
    • 1.1 Welcome FREE PREVIEW
    • 1.2 Course Material
    • 1.3 TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System Manual
    • 1.4 Rope Rescue Course Text Manual
    • 1.5 TerrAdaptor Module 1 - Student Manual
    • 1.6 TerrAdaptor Module 2 - Student Manual
    • 1.7 TerrAdaptor Module 3 - Student Manual
  • 3
    Unit 3: Gin Pole Componenents Overview
    • 3.1 Gin Pole Components Overview
    • 3.2 Video Tutorial: Gin Pole Components
  • 4
    Unit 4: Gin Pole Support Legs, Part 1
    • 4.1 Mariners Hitch Leg
    • 4.2 Video Tutorial: Mariners Hitch Leg
  • 5
    Unit 5: Gin Pole Support Legs, Part 2
    • 5.1 Advanced Tech Haul System
    • 5.2 Video Tutorial: Advanced Haul System
  • 6
    Unit 6: Gin Pole Support Legs, Part 3
    • 6.1 Progress Capture Leg
    • 6.2 Video Tutorial: Progress Capture Leg
  • 7
    Unit 7: Gin Pole Support Legs, Part 4
    • 7.1 Truckers Hitch
    • 7.2 Video Tutorial: Truckers Hitch
  • 8
    Unit 8: Wrap Up
    • 8.1 Wrap Up

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  • Very good

    Stephen Lawson

    Thanks for talking clearly and going over all the details, Tom!

    Thanks for talking clearly and going over all the details, Tom!

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