About the Course

Filmed at Petzl’s North American Headquarters, "Rope Access" refers to a set of techniques where a two rope system with specialized hardware are used as the primary means of providing access and support to workers. It provides a safe, cost-effective, and efficient means of accessing structures and geologic features for inspection, maintenance, and construction.

The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) is a member-driven organization that advances the safe use of rope access through education, standards development, and administering certifications. In addition, SPRAT supports companies and technicians using rope access with regulatory support, networking, and opportunities to participate in developing industry-consensus standards.

The Rope Access Project: SPRAT Certification Primer is a three-part series that specifically covers the three different levels of SPRAT Certification which professionally certifies a rope access technician and prepares them for safe working at height and a continuous model for technique retention.

What You'll Learn

In this first course, The Rope Access Project: SPRAT Certification Level 1, we dive into concepts such as:

  • Ascent & change over to descent

  • Ascent using a descender

  • Passing knots

  • Passing short deviation

  • Aid climbing

  • Rope to rope transfer

  • Passing a long deviation (Re-Belay)

  • Rescue using victim

  • Using rescuer equipment

  • And more!

Learn from One of the Best in the Industry

Learn more about the expert instructor

  • Dan Ghiringhelli

    Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Western Regional Rope Access Manager at TeamQualspec

    Dan Ghiringhelli

    Dan is experienced and qualified in rope access protocols, procedures and equipment, and was designated by Qualspec to execute rope access operations. He is responsible to ensure that the appropriate rope access, rescue and personal protective equipment are provided for each rope access project and that personnel have the proper tools for the job and that all rope access projects are appropriately supervised.

Course Curriculum